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Leverage AI to generate complete marketing strategies and insightful user personas for your project. Get your tailored marketing roadmap in seconds.

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  • Understand your audience

  • Get easy to follow strategies

  • Uncover how to sell your product

  • Quickly turn your product into profit

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Become a confident marketer in three simple steps

As you progress, the strategies evolve with you to fuel your growth

Doerplan analyzes your project in depth and extracts insights1

The AI sifts through your project, identifying key details to lay a solid foundation for everything that comes next.

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Then Doerplan generate detailed strategies, plans and user personas2

Armed with your project's core insights, we build personalized strategies and profiles, setting the stage for your next moves.

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You implement the strategies and plans and watch your project take off3

Now it's your turn. Take those plans, roll them out, and watch as your project picks up speed and starts hitting its marks.

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Unlock strategies that makes a real impact on your marketing

And all of them are super easy to follow and expand upon in real time.

Marketing ideasSTRATEGY

Unleash fresh marketing ideas that make your brand pop and stick in customers' minds, turning heads and sparking buzz.

Go to marketSTRATEGY

Chart a bold path forward with a dynamic go-to-market plan, lighting up your brand's journey to success.

Project summaryPROJECT

Capture the essence of your vision. A concise snapshot to energize teams and stakeholders around your project.

Sales offerSTRATEGY

Boost your sales game with killer offers that highlight what's unique about your product, setting you up to win.

Pricing strategySTRATEGY

Get help picking a pricing strategy that will boost your business.

Persona templateAUDIENCE

Generate insightful persona templates that gives you additional insights into your chosen persona.

Website blueprintPLAN

Illuminate digital pathways. A crafted blueprint to captivate, engage, and resonate with your online visitors.

... And many moreMORE

We are constantly adding more templates, plans and strategies. All are included forever.

User personas
Marketing strategies
Actionable plans
Content generators
Audience insights
Competitor insights

Everything you need to win the marketing game

Doerplan is a complete package containing all the parts of a successful marketing strategy at a very affordable price.

More added regulary

Bring the full power of Doerplan with you on-the-go

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Everything you need

What's inside?

User persona generator Highly detailed user personas with a huge amount of insights into your audience
Actionable marketing strategies Personalized strategies and plans that provide your with a clear path forward
Competitor insights Get to know your competitors on a very detailed level
Interview your audience Interview your buyer personas while chatting
A growing template library B2B marketing strategy framework and go to market strategy template
Website and ad copy generator Generate tailored ads and website copy
Curated link directories Always know where to post your product
Powerful document editor Notion-like dynamic document editor width powerful components
Downloadable content All material reports, strategies and personas are downloadable
Access to all new features Buy once and keep your access to all future updates of Doerplan
An much more We are always working on improving Doerplan and you will get it all

Fair and simple pricing. Buy once and use forever.

With Doerplan, there are no subscriptions to manage. Instead, you pay per project, giving you the freedom to invest in marketing initiatives as needed. Plus, Doerplan evolves alongside your marketing efforts.


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No, far from it, that would not bring much real value. Marketing is not a set and forget kind of thing. You just can't generate a "do all, end all report" and claim success. Doerplan helps you navigate your go to market path giving you the map and showing you around and then serves as a mission command for your launch.

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